I am a web enthusiast, a gamer, a programmer, video editor and I'm known to appreciate a funny meme. I go about the internet by the handle "pinkkis" and have done so for closer to two decades. Some people might say the nick is a bit... feminine. I've noticed it's allure in the pre-teen girl market, but as far as I'm concerned, i got there first, just like I got on this earth first.

This site will eventually be a personal portfolio, but I need some placeholder on all of these sites before I'm done, so you can check my exploits with the links provided on this page.

You can follow my ramblings on multiple social networking sites on the internet. My personal tumblr blog can by found at blog.pinkkis.com. You can follow me on @pinkkis. I don't really post publically on Facebook, but you can find me at facebook.com/pinkkis too.

In my spare time I work on web development, the current target of my passions being node.js and new HTML standards and features. You may eventually find my projects on GitHub and other Onevice network sites. I also like to take pictures, both still and moving ones. I have a Panasonic HMC-151 video camera and a random assortment of gear and whenever I have an opportunity to film something cool, I try to apply myself to it. I have experience with the full Adobe suit of video editing tools, and recently have been learning to use Final Cut X (, though I prefer Premiere/After Effects). I have some small clips uploaded to Vimeo and I have a Youtube channel, that's mostly empty.

Lastly, I want to add that anything said on any of the mentioned channels, or elsewhere, and when not otherwise stated, is said as myself and it represents only my own opinions.